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  • Chef:  Exquisite dining experience.  Amazing soups & appetizers, good entrées, and great beer selections.  Perfect for a date night with someone special.  The atmosphere was cosy without feeling crowded.  I will be back.
  • Foodie:  Pork, pork, pork.  Lots of pork options on the menu, yeah!.  An upscale dining experience.  The soups were the surprising highlight.  Good overall menu – appetizers, small plates, entrees, and desserts were all good.  The entree prices were high considering the portions were small, but the Small Plates section had good-sized options at cheaper prices.  The food flavor and creativity were outstanding.

What We Liked

  • Chef:  Some chefs believe the merit of a chef is based on the quality of their soup.  By that measure, the Red Feather has the best chef(s) in Cincinnati.  The food was flavorful and visually stunning.  I wanted to take pictures of all the plate presentations.
  • Foodie:  Best. Soup. Ever.  The soups were exceptional.  The asparagus cream soup was the best asparagus soup I’ve ever had, but the mushroom cream soup was even better.  The spinach fettuccine was a nice surprise.  Why did spinach fettuccine fall out of fashion in the 1990’s?  The after-dinner coffee was very good.  We asked why the coffee was so good and they told us they have a special blend.  Wine and beer choices were excellent.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Chef:  The entree portions were small, and mine needed salt– a lot of salt.  They compensated by providing a free dessert and port for us both.
  • Foodie:  Not enough sauces on anything.  Every dish had an amazing sauce but there wasn’t enough of the sauce served.  The entrees were small and $21 is a bit much for a small chicken entree.

What We Ordered

  • P.I.G small plate, as an appetizer.  Braised pork topped with an egg in a braising jus (translation – pulled pork with a poached egg in a delicious braising meat juice).
  • Braised Short rib with polenta in braising jus.
  • Mushroom cream soup (wow)
  • Roasted chicken with spinach fettuccine and prosciutto crisps (translation – chicken with green pasta and fried thinly-sliced bacon).
  • Key lime pie for dessert
  • Chocolate hazelnut torte for dessert

Good For Date Night?

  • Yes, perfect for a date night with your honey.
  • Also good for taking picky in-laws from out of town.  You can get good food while they order a burger and complain about the foo-foo menu items.


  • Chef:  Excellent.  Fast & friendly.
  • Foodie:  Excellent.  Friendly service.  The manager visited us twice on a busy Friday evening.  We got two glasses of free port and one free dessert – awesome!


  • Upscale feel.
  • Bathrooms were clean but located in a weird location downstairs.

Kid Friendly

  • No, no food for kids.


  • Best dressed woman in the place was wearing a sleeveless, knee-length, dinner dress with heels.
  • Best dressed man in the place was wearing dress slacks and a dress shirt.  No ties.  No suit coats.
  • Worst dressed woman in the place was wearing casual slacks and a nice t-shirt.
  • Worst dressed man in the place was wearing khaki shorts and tennis shoes with a button-up shirt.

Age of Diners

  • Most diners were over 40.  Several couples under 30.  One group had an infant baby (who was thankfully sleeping the whole time).

Part of Town

  • Oakley, East Side
  • 45209
  • In the old Boca location
  • Street parking only.  No valet – ugh, hate when restaurants without parking don’t provide valet.
  • Area felt very safe


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