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Argentine Bistro


  • Chef: Excellently flavored food.  Full bar, decent wine selection and custom made cocktails.  But only a single bourbon (Makers).   Small and cosy seating area.  Live entertainment on the night we went.
  • Foodie:  Fantastic food, creative bar, and low key casual environment make the drive to Crestview Hills, KY worth it.  The tapas are huge portions – for tapas.  The meals are small but the flavor is memorable.  Quaint dining area is romantic.

What We Liked

  • Chef: Food was very flavorful without being spicy.  The Tapas were generous.  The entire experience had a very intimate date-like feel.
  • Foodie:  The rope vieja (Argentinian pork stew) is a must-have.  Flavorful, without being spicy.  The tapas menu is the star – beef tacos, risotto cakes, flavored olives – all amazing and affordable.  The intimate, romantic vibe makes it the perfect date night.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Chef: Mediocre desserts.  A bit too intimate for anything but dinner with a loved one.
  • Foodie:  The desserts were disappointing.  Lacking in flavor and tasted stale.  The location looks like a small coffee shop, which is deceiving.

What We Ordered

  • Ropa vieja (pork stew served over rice), a meal
  • Argentinian lemon drink
  • Risotto cakes, a tapa
  • Beef tacos, a tapa
  • Warm flavored olives, a tapa
  • Chocolate cake for dessert
  • Tiramisu creamy cake for dessert

Good For Date Night?

  • Yes, one of the more romantic places around.
  • Not good for groups with picky eaters who don’t like tacos, olives, or risotto.


  • Chef: Friendly and helpful.  Not attentive.
  • Foodie:  Mediocre. Friendly, but inattentive.


  • Casual, quaint feel.
  • Bathrooms were clean and convenient.
  • Live music was nice.  Normally live music is either too loud or the performer is untalented (or both, yikes).  But this was quiet, romantic, and the musicians were quite talented.

Kid Friendly

  • No, no food for kids.  No kid-friendly cups.  More of a lounge/bar scene.


  • Best dressed woman in the place was wearing dress slacks with a cardigan.
  • Best dressed man in the place was wearing nice jeans and a casual blazer.
  • Worst dressed woman in the place was wearing jeans and a casual t-shirt.
  • Worst dressed man in the place was wearing jeans and a casual t-shirt.

Age of Diners

  • Most diners were under 40.  Several couples under 30.  One group in their 50’s.

Part of Town

  • Crestview Hills, Northern KY
  • 41017
  • Near Dillards
  • Plenty of shopping center parking.  Didn’t have trouble finding a spot even during prime time shopping.
  • Area felt very safe

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