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A Tavola


  • Chef: Good selection of unusual beers. Expensive for what you get; but the food was really good.
  • Foodie:  Gourmet pizzeria with a cool casual hipster vibe.  The appetizers and drinks are fabulous. The choice for pizza is thin and super thin with decadent toppings.  The wagyu meatballs and bacon wrapped dates are the stars of the menu.  The prices are higher than a typical pizzeria but worth it for the fresh, hand-made ingredients.

What We Liked

  • Chef: Nice atmosphere. High quality ingredients.
  • Foodie:  High quality food in a casual environment is the perfect combination.  The tomato sauce is exceptional so order extra.  Nice to have lower carb options and still have excellent pizza.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Chef: Expensive for the genre.
  • Foodie:  There is no pasta on the menu.  Not kid friendly.  Seats are VERY uncomfortable.  They don’t take reservations so expect a wait at peak times.

What We Ordered

  • Wagyu meatballs with goat cheese.
  • Bacon wrapped dates.
  • Sausage and sage pizza, thin crust (not super thin crust).

Good For Date Night?

  • Yes, perfect for a casual date night with your steady.
  • Not good for people who want traditional pizza because they only have thin crust pizza with unique ingredients.


  • Chef: Excellent.
  • Foodie:  Very good for a casual place.


  • Casual feel.  Relaxing drinking environment.

Kid Friendly

  • No, kids don’t like thin crust pizza.  No pasta on menu.


  • Best dressed woman in the place was wearing jeans and a nice t-shirt.
  • Best dressed man in the place was wearing jeans and a polo.  No ties.  No suit coats.
  • Worst dressed woman in the place was athletic shorts and flip flops.
  • Worst dressed man in the place was wearing shorts and a sports t-shirt.

Age of Diners

  • Most diners were under 35.  Mostly younger couples.

Part of Town

  • Madeira, East Side of Cincinnati
  • 45243
  • Also has a location downtown in Over the Rhine
  • Madeira location has a parking lot.
  • Area felt very safe

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