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  • Chef:  This is the only higher-end place I have ever been where the ventilation was unable to keep up with the smell of shrimp.  A member of our party had an allergic reaction immediately upon entering.  Other restaurants that serve shrimp, including Bonefish grill, Mitchell’s Fish Market, every J. Robert place, J. Allexanders, etc. have ventilation sufficient to control airborne allergens.  We had to leave without even sitting down.
  • Foodie:  The shrimp smell in the air was so thick someone with us had an immediate allergic reaction upon entering.  We had to leave before even getting seated.  The smell of fish in the air was strong even for those without allergies.

What We Liked

  • Chef:  Upon entering, there is a nice bar to the left and a spacious eating area to the right.  The fire “torches” outside were a nice touch.  Ample parking and valet is available.
  • Foodie:  The atmosphere seemed to be upscale casual – good food you can eat in shorts.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Chef:  Ventilation was not up to the task.
  • Foodie:  Allergens were not handled as expected in a fine dining establishment.  Big disappointment.

What We Ordered

  • Didn’t order anything because someone in our group had an allergic reaction immediately upon entering.

Good For Date Night?

  • No, not if anyone has allergies or food sensitivities.


  • Chef:  Staff seemed pleasant.
  • Foodie:  We were greeted nicely.


  • Upscale food with casual attire.
  • Bar area seemed like a cool, happening place on a Saturday evening.
  • The haze of shrimp in the area was strong even for those of us without allergies.

Kid Friendly

  • The seating and menu items seemed kid friendly.  However, any kids with allergies or sensitivities should be prepared.


  • Casual shorts were common.

Age of Diners

  • Most diners were under 40.

Part of Town

  • Kenwood, East Side
  • 45236
  • Great parking.  There is a parking lot and valet is available.
  • Area felt very safe

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