Foodie Couple

About The Foodie Couple

We are the foodie couple who reviews restaurants in the Cincinnati Tri-State area.  One of us is a classically-trained French chef who was born and raised in the Akron-Cleveland area, but has lived in the Cincinnati area for over 15 years.  One of us is a foodie who was born and raised in Cincinnati, in Clifton.  Our reviews provide the chef’s perspective alongside the average foodie opinions.  We are foodies who want to share our real opinions of restaurants – the excellent and the terrible.  We go into depth and review more than the food.  In an easy bulleted format, we tell you what people are wearing, how old they are, the neighborhood feel, and more.


  1. Nancy Volmer

    Will be interesting to see other reviews throughout the area, but would also like to know the approximate costs of a meal at the restaurant. This first review on here does not indicate what kind of price I would be facing at the end of the meal.

  2. youncey

    Love the way you described what people were wearing, always helpful to know when going to a restaurant the first time. Really good info in your review, lots better than other reviews – especially the neighborhood information.


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