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Le Bar a Boeuf


  • Chef:  Maitre D’ is Robert Brown previously from Boca and the Maisonette.  Good main courses.  Full bar.  Sides and appetizers not worth the money.  Definitely will go back.
  • Foodie:  Casual burger place taken to an all-time high level by famous French chef Jean-Robert Cavel.  Gourmet ingredients along side premium ground beef (aka boeuf in French).  Going on my list of favorite restaurants.  I had doubts about gourmet ground meats, but I was wrong.  Wagyu beef was the best I’ve had.  For those who might not know, wagyu is the American version of Kobe.

What We Liked

  • Chef:  Quality and flavor of the wagyu beef patty were excellent and perfectly cooked medium rare as requested.  Truffle butter and goat cheese toppings were an excellent pairing.  Snail steamed in parchment paper was very good but a small serving.
  • Foodie:  High quality ingredients in a casual dining atmosphere.  Amazing Jean-Robert de Cavel touches, like truffles, duck confit, and French red wines.  Burgers done Jean-Robert style!

What We Didn’t Like

  • Chef:  The side vegetables and mac & cheese were disappointing.  I assume the Sous isn’t taking the time necessary to train the other kitchen help.
  • Foodie:  Mac & Cheese was prominently displayed on the menu as if it was a specialty.  However, it was mediocre, especially considering the price.

What We Ordered

  • Beef cheek mac & cheese, as an appetizer to share.
  • Wagyu burger with truffle butter and goat cheese.
  • Duck
  • Pot de creme for dessert

Good For Date Night?

  • Yes, perfect for a date night with your honey.


  • Chef:  Excellent.  Server was knowledgeable about the bar, wine pairings, meat choices, and topping pairings.
  • Foodie:  Excellent.  Knowledgeable servers, fast.


  • Casual feel, loud in a good way, seating is very close to other tables.  We had conversations with the diners at the nearby tables.
  • Bathrooms were nice.

Kid Friendly

  • No, no food for kids and no kid-friendly seating.


  • Best dressed woman in the place was wearing a fitted print dress and heels.
  • Best dressed man in the place was wearing dress slacks and a dress shirt.  No ties.  No suit coats.
  • Worst dressed woman in the place was wearing casual slacks and a cardigan.
  • Worst dressed man in the place was wearing nice jeans and a polo.

Age of Diners

  • Most diners were over 50.  Only 1 couple under 30.  A few teenagers with parents.

Part of Town

  • Walnut Hills, East Side
  • 45206
  • In the bottom of an office/apartment building
  • Parking is tight, don’t bring a big SUV
  • GPS couldn’t find the location, directed us to a place across the street.
  • Felt safe

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