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  • Chef:  This place has the prices of an upper-tier restaurant, with nice but unexceptional mid-tier food.  Exceptional atmosphere & service.  At first blush, one would assume they have trained chefs in the back, but they did not have anyone in the kitchen who would/could make béarnaise (and I asked).  It feels like they haven’t decided what kind of restaurant they want to be.  Food is good but overpriced.
  • Foodie:  Nice place, but not outstanding.  It is a low-key place to get a decent meal.  It won’t wow anyone from out of town, but could be a pleasant backup when the fancy, uber popular places are packed.  The varied menu makes it easy to take kids and picky eaters.  The menu ranges from filet mignon to meatloaf and flatbread pizzas.  The steak is pricy but the other options are a good value.

What We Liked

  • Chef: Service was excellent.  Atmosphere is good.  The food they have is of good quality.  We can always get in, even without reservations.
  • Foodie:  The meatloaf with mashed potatoes is good comfort food.  The service is consistently excellent.  I can wear shorts while getting good food, great service, and not feel rushed.  It is the only place in town where you can get sliders and flat bread pizza but stay for a long time, then get creme brûlée and cappuccino for dessert.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Chef: I asked for béarnaise to go with the filet.  They were unable to make/provide a sauce.  They serve a $31/37 filet mignon, do not have any sauces, and are unable to make one when requested.  A filet has magnificent texture but tends to be bland.  A good chef will add flavor to a filet; cooked with hardwood smoke, wrapped in bacon, or sauced.  They served a high end filet and served it naked.  It was nice, but should have been great.
  • Foodie:  The pecan-encrusted goat cheese medallion salad had disappointing greens, dressing, and bread.  The medallions were great, but the rest was mediocre.  The dessert choices were uninspired and none sounded worth ordering, so we didn’t.

What We Ordered

  • Goat cheese salad as an appetizer.  The pecan-encrusted goat cheese medallions are great, but accompanying the lettuce, bread, and dressing are mediocre.
  • Meatloaf with mashed potatoes.
  • Queen filet mignon.
  • Cappuccino for dessert.

Good For Date Night?

  • Nice place for date with someone you have been with for awhile.  Not a place to take someone new you are trying to impress.
  • Good choices for kids and picky eaters because there are pizzas and sandwiches on the menu.


  • Chef:  Excellent service.  Fast and very pleasant.  The service personnel are top-tier.
  • Foodie:  Excellent.  Drinks were always refilled.  They took allergies very seriously – love it.


  • Casual for a sit-down place.
  • The place feels divided with the old people in the dining room and younger professionals at the bar.

Kid Friendly

  • Yes, lots of kid options.


  • Best dressed woman in the place was wearing capri slacks, blouse, and nice sandals.
  • Best dressed man in the place was wearing khakis and a polo.
  • Worst dressed woman in the place was wearing dress shorts and nice t-shirt.
  • Worst dressed man in the place was wearing casual jeans and button-up shirt.

Age of Diners

  • Most diners were over 50.  A few 30-somethings at the bar.

Part of Town

  • Kenwood, East Side
  • 45236
  • They have a parking lot, but there never seems to be enough parking.
  • Area felt safe.

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